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About Tatiana Batmanian

Tatiana Batmanian is a professional realtor and interior designer based in Los Angeles, serving clients with deep expertise in both industries.

Tatiana began her career in interior design in 2011, where she gained experience by working with developers on flip projects and learning the ins and outs of home details such as flooring, wall finishes, kitchens, and building relationships with contractors and vendors.

In 2017, Tatiana became inspired to support clients earlier in their process by helping them source and vet properties and envision their dream designs. She obtained her real estate license the same year, and now helps clients buy and sell homes and design their new spaces.

Tatiana prides herself on her ability to close deals as quickly and seamlessly as possible, guiding her clients through each decision with ease. Her clear, professional communication, and unwavering discipline allow her to move each client towards the future they’ve always dreamed of.

Outside of real estate and design, Tatiana is passionate about her fitness and wellness routine. She includes working out five times a week in her schedule, which she credits for her ability to continue to excel in her career. She also enjoys maintaining close relationships with family and friends and seeing her loved ones as often as possible.

Tatiana looks forward to continuing to service clients as part of the NextHome Luxe Group team. If you’re looking for a realtor with a unique perspective and full-service support, Tatiana would love to meet you!

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